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Adopted Identification documents for identifying clients (residence and work)


Adopt the following regarding the documents approved by clients when opening  accounts  in the following cases:

1- In the absence of a residence permit to declare their residence, especially in hot spots areas.

A - For all customers who live with their relatives or friends, the following documents are required:

statement or document issued by the mayor stating the place of residence of a relative or a friend with a statement or a footnote indicating his/her hosting, or a personal statement from the relative that he/she submits to the bank about the hosting details instead of the footnote of the residence permit.

- The branch fulfills the necessary documents regarding the transfer or the banking transaction.



B - For customers who are staying in a hotel and do not have any proof of their residence, or who do not have a specific place of residence due to the current conditions in the country, the following is required:

-  The customer submits a declaration of his/her current place of residence.

- The branch fulfills the necessary documents regarding the transfer or the banking transaction.



2 - In the absence of a document proofing the profession or work:

* The dealer's declaration is adopted to prove the profession in the case of some self-employed professions for which there is no proof document, provided that it is ascertained that such professions can be affiliated to craft associations that coordinate their work . Accordingly, the branch is responsible.

* Accurate information related to the client's profession or activity is required.

In the previous cases, the branch is obligated to determine, according to its assessment and risk description, low-risk and high-risk work relationships, a nd in accordance with the duly published Manual and Procedures of Anti-Money Laundering and Combating Terrorist Financing Policies, and on the basis of its evaluation, it requests any additional documents.