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A Brief Overview About The Bank And its Services

About The Bank

Who Are We

The Commercial Bank of Syria is considered one of the country’s biggest banking institutions as it takes the lion’s share of the general banking activity. Its share of the banking sector’s balance sheet is about %80 and taking up more than %70 of deposit and lending activities in the local market.

The Commercial Bank of Syria was established by legislative decree No. 913 of 29/10/1966, and its capital upon establishment was one hundred and fifty million Syrian Pounds. By the legislative decree No. 35 for the year 2006 regarding the Commercial Bank of Syria, the banking capital increased to seventy billion Syrian Pounds.

Since its establishment, the Commercial Bank of Syria has been keen on offering services to the biggest segment of the society by establishing the biggest network of branches and service offices which are distributed in a geographically diverse and well-studied manner. The success of the bank relies on several factors, the most notable of which are keeping up-to-date with advanced technologies regarding its systems and services over a big network connecting branches and affiliate service offices. The bank operates on new programming systems used by a large number of international banks and are being continuously developed.

Moreover, the bank has developed a credit system aiming at the automation of the credit directorate’s operations through managing and organizing the life cycle of banking facilities in alignment with the laws governing the directorate. This system allows for the complete archiving of documents related to the business in addition to other features that reduced the life cycle of demands.

As any other commercial bank, the Commercial Bank of Syria offers customers the traditional banking facilities such as current account receivables of all kinds, documentary credits, loans, guarantees and mortgages. Furthermore, the bank has expanded its services by adding retail loans as new-automobile loans and used-automobile loans, housing loans, completion- work loans, electrical lifts, and solar heating to its group of services. These loans are highly competitive in terms of reducing costs and suitability to a wide range of customers.

Services We Provide

The bank provides a big number of services electronically such as paying utility bills (water, electricity, landline… etc.) via ATMs using any card issued by the Commercial Bank of Syria, payment of bills through SMS, and payment of bills via the bank’s website for card services. The bank’s website for card services on the Internet ( also provides the services related to online payment. These services are provided either by the Commercial Bank of Syria or in coordination with public and private institutions such as salary domiciliation for public sector and private sector workers as the Commercial Bank of Syria issues direct-payment cards for public sector and private sector workers offering them facilities and personal loans by the credit of the account, and in several values commensurate with the salary in the bank.

The bank also provides the customer with all the information about the latest advances and services provided by the bank in addition to some interactive services through the bank’s website (, one of which is statement of account and balance on the date of the last transaction. There is also a department for receiving customers’ feedback and complaints.